Olives and cardiovascular health

The root of heart problems is inflammation, and as mentioned earlier, black olives contain some powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can prevent some cardiovascular diseases. Reducing the symptoms of high blood pressure is part of the result when protecting the heart,

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How to cook some delicious dishes with olives

Moroccan olive food What do I need? Chicken: 8 pieces of thigh Paprika: Two teaspoons Cumin: a teaspoon Ginger: One teaspoon Turmeric: A teaspoon Cinnamon: Half a teaspoon Black pepper: one-fourth teaspoon Oil: two tablespoons Garlic: Three cloves Onion: one

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Benefits of Black and Green Olives

:Improve eye health .Consumption of black olives can provide daily intake of vitamin A. As you know, one of the benefits of vitamin A is that it improves eye health and vision Antioxidant rich mango: As mentioned above, olives can

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