Olives and cardiovascular health

The root of heart problems is inflammation, and as mentioned earlier, black olives contain some powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can prevent some cardiovascular diseases. Reducing the symptoms of high blood pressure is part of the result when protecting the heart, but you should be careful about canned black olives because they contain more sodium, which …

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How to cook some delicious dishes with olives

Moroccan olive food What do I need? Chicken: 8 pieces of thigh Paprika: Two teaspoons Cumin: a teaspoon Ginger: One teaspoon Turmeric: A teaspoon Cinnamon: Half a teaspoon Black pepper: one-fourth teaspoon Oil: two tablespoons Garlic: Three cloves Onion: one Olive: One measure Water: half a cup Raisins: Half a measure Sliced ​​lemon: two How …

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