The motto of our company

Promoting the culture of olive consumption

We love what we do

Banyan has always been trying to provide the best and newest flavors with the highest quality to its customers.

Our working process

We can ship our products to our customers anywhere in the world. Banian has been able to export its products to all the provinces and cities of the country and most of the neighboring countries in the best way.

Our Story

In order to get to know the Banian brand, we have to go back to years ago, when the Mirzaei Group established its first factory in 2012 with the aim of producing and packaging olives and its varieties in Varamin. Year after year, Mirzaei Group developed, the factories of this group were opened one after the other, and this business entered the world markets. Banyan was established in the heart of the factory on a land of 105,000 square meters with the aim of creating new and innovative quality products using the best products, in which each grain has an amazing and different taste. To fulfill our mission, we made a difference in Banian's product portfolio and used organic and unique products that have no similar. Organic products that have been planted and harvested in gardens free from any chemical pesticides and pesticides and genetically modified seeds. The production of black olives with completely natural processing in accordance with international standards brought us the honor of being the first producer of black olives with different processing in different packages in Iran. We always stick to our promise and commitment to build a greener future and a fresher life for you.

banian vision is to promote the culture of olive consumption